Data Governance

Free yourself from the burden of data chaos to bring order to your life.

  • Upgrade the integrity and quality of your data with data matching and enrichment to drive functional effectiveness and digital growth 
  • Visionary data asset regulation and data operation to assure security, sequestration, and compliance
  • Combine data roster and data knowledge to enhance strategic effectiveness and accelerate client satisfaction
  • Optimize data thickness and politic remediation through robotization and data de-duplication
Data Engineering

We care about your business, and take it personally. Look for the best solution and make your application fast and scalable. Our Data Engineering experts are here to help you succeed

  • Figure data ingestion channels that move streaming data and batched data from pre-existing databases, different sources, and data storages to a data lake
  • Perform data ingestion using most performant and scalable data ingestion marketable platforms or using a combination of open mound
  • Data suturing for SQL and noSQL databases
  • Develop data channels, either from scrape or by using the services handed by major pall platform vendors
  • Data channel robotization using tools similar as PySpark, Data Bricks, Snowflake
BI & Visualization

Find new ways to use data to better understand customer needs, increase operational efficiencies, and boost profits. Our BI & Visualization product empowers them with actionable insights from their data.

  • Managed reporting services Moxie in developing and planting BI and data reporting results on leading platforms including Tableau, QlikView, PowerBI, Looker, Oracle, and Microstrategy
  • Dashboards and visualization Moxie in developing dashboards to help decision- making by recapitulating large volumes of data in intuitive graphical storyboards and creating visualizations that collate and display large quantities of information in simple and accessible formats
Data Science

Leverage the power of Big Data and Advanced Analytics for your Business

  • Prophetic Analytics Make use of structured and unshaped data to prognosticate unborn events,e.g. a preference, trends, client waste, coming-stylish action, impact of client engagement, viral events,etc.
  • Machine Literacy Use the rearmost algorithms to decide value from complex and big data,e.g. recommender systems, dynamic pricing,etc.
  • Soothsaying Ameliorate operations and planning through demand, deals and payload soothsaying, soothsaying client transformations (freemium to decoration), etc.
  • Text Analytics & NLP Draw meaningful perceptivity from textbook data,e.g. discussion themes, motifs, sentiment, content enrichment, client satisfaction (CSAT),etc.
  • Optimization Realize optimal profit, periphery, or cost in a given decision frame,e.g. maximize marketing reach, resource optimization, and multifariousness optimization
Marketing Analytics

Turn your website visitors into paying customers. Our intelligent business solutions use predictive analytics and machine learning to model behaviors, predict responses, and automate actions which helps you make better business decisions

  • Measure effectiveness of marketing spends and prognosticate return on investments
  • Generate perceptivity from social media data to understand consumer sentiments and request trends
  • Develop and enhancemulti-channel criterion models to identify the most effective marketing channels
  • As one of the leading data analytics companies, SGA helps in generating a‘360- degree’ view of client geste and launching substantiated offers
Customer Analytics

The right analytics deliver amazing results!. Get the most out of your data by turning it into actionable insights. Measure and trust your intuition

  • With the help of our data analytics exploration platoon, identify, acquire, and retain guests to ameliorate profitability
  • Understand guests’ geste better and use segmentation for better targeting
  • Hyper- epitomize your immolations to ameliorate client engagement and get better returns on your investments
  • Know who your stylish guests are
Sales Analytics

Every sale starts with an idea and to make your business more successful, you need to have a deeper understanding of it. We don’t sell products, we sell solutions.

  • Optimize Salesforce operation and home operation strategies to get the stylish out of deals brigades
  • Forecast requests and deals implicit directly for better outreach and content
  • Dissect performance of deals brigades and design impulses that maximize productivity and returns
  • Track and measure performance of deals brigades across products and parts to optimize deals costs
Competitive Intelligence Analytics

Achieve your goals faster and more cost-effectively by competitive intelligence services, international market research and business strategy consulting. We bring to you the most advanced tools and technologies to gather, analyze, outsmart the competition & enable your success.

  • Facilitates deep dive into crucial motorists of consumer satisfaction to take course corrective conduct for bridling implicit client churn
  • Measures client sentiments to ameliorate specific product features or service factors and drive advocacy for your brand
  • Intuitive visualizations and tone- service stoner interface power politic opinions across business functions
  • With point & service benchmarking, drive opinions on point launches/ upgrades and service advancements for product marketing and engineering brigades
  • Top trending motifs include driving content strategies for marketing and communication
  • Under targeted client segmentation, enhance deals intelligence by earning competitive intelligence across assiduity verticals (IT, Manufacturing, CPG/ Retail, Healthcare,etc.) and business group ( large enterprises, SMBs)-wise client parts