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Water Billing Software

Our web based Water Billing System starts from Planning, Discovering existing water billing system, analysis of it and finally moving to re-modeling and Implementation.

Define Objectives – Automating Billing and Approval System

  • Finalize Scope
  • Select Billing and Connection Approval processes for transformation.
  • Finalize Appropriate Team.
  • Develop Existing Billing and Approval Process Maps.
  • Perform Risk Assessment
  • Set Deliverables and Outcomes
  • Intercept Visionary System
  • Manage and Start Project


  • Gather Information about Water Billing Processes and Approval System.
  • Map Current Business Process to Standard practices applied in the industry.
  • Study IT and Internet Architecture.
  • Identify redundant loops and time consuming process
  • Identify System Users and their roles.
  • Study Workflows and flow of information in existing system.
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