Zentech Solution

Zentech Solution

Zentech has well and mature software application maintenance processes, which allow effective capture, resolution and reporting of software maintenance requests. All our software maintenance projects are governed and monitored by the SLA framework which covers: -

  • Requests management
  • Gap Analysis
  • Resolution
  • Root cause analysis

We also provide software consultancy on the following disposition plans for your company's software applications: -

  • Transform
  • Retire
  • Consolidate
  • Replace

Business Benefits

  • Improve stability and efficiency of mission-critical software applications
  • Continuous improvements in quality of service
  • Re-focus your energies on strategic initiatives
  • Keep applications in line with the latest software technologies
  • Reduce total cost of ownership, thereby enabling you to invest more in your strategic IT initiatives

System Reengineering


  • Reengineering implies changes of various types and depth to a system, from a slight renovation to a total overhaul. Some of the typical challenges our clients have:
  • A system was developed for us, but we'd like to change several things, namely improve the system's functionality, usability, security, stability and performance; change the system's architecture or adjust it for another platform. Unfortunately, we don't have the detailed documentation on this system or a knowledgeable enough staff. How do we implement the desired changes?
  • We have three systems with roughly the same functionality, which work on different platforms. As these systems supplement each other, users have to use all three of them. This makes their work more complicated (starting one system means first shutting down the other two) and adds a lot of extra work for the system administrators (when a new user is added, the data must be copied to all three systems). We want to have one system instead of three.
  • We have a best-selling software solution and received an order from a major client to modify it. However, no company wants to undertake its maintenance. What shall we do?
  • A software component was written by someone who is no longer with the company, and there is nobody capable of working on the system's maintenance. There is no documentation or comments in the program. What shall we do?

Zentech’s Methodology

Zentech’s methodology and expertise allow for reengineering of complex systems even in situations when the documentation is scarce or lacking. Zentech takes the following steps in approaching each task:


  • Analyzing documentation (if documents are available)
  • Determining the degree of conformity between the documentation and the existing solution
  • Detecting weaknesses of the solution's architecture
  • Eliminating the detected weaknesses

Mass Code Conversion

  • We use both automated and manual code conversion methods. For most typical situations, such as converting VB6 to .NET, we have developed methodologies for a proprietary automated code conversion. For one of our clients we effectively used an automated Access to SQL conversion.
  • Special attention is paid to the business logic, presentation and data access layers. The feature's implementation in the most modern platforms is fundamentally different from older ones.


  • Learning the client security requirements
  • Analyzing requirements to determine the level of conformity between requirements and the current solution
  • Offering solutions for the required security


  • Testing performance of the system's parts separately
  • Testing performance of the separate layers for multi-layered applications. For one of our recent clients, for example, we used the following technologies:
  • Data Layer
  • SQL profiling
  • Execution plans analysis
    This process improved the system performance by over 300%!
  • Analyzing the existing source code and detecting potential bottlenecks
  • Our expert knowledge of the .Net framework allows for performance fine tuning of critical application parts

Mobile Solutions

  • Windows Mobile Application Development
  • iPhone Mobile Application Development
  • Blackberry Mobile Application Development
  • Android – Google Mobile Development

Zentech provide Mobile Application Development platform including Windows Mobile Application Development, J2ME based Mobile Application Development, iPhone Mobile Application Development; Android based Mobile Application Development and BlackBerry Application Development. We have a team of experts who can design and build Mobile Applications and Website development for Mobile Platforms. The windows mobile developers provide different solutions such as Pocket PC software development, creating applications for Smart phones, and other services.

Our developers are skilled in developing such applications with Microsoft technologies as standalone mobile software, games, applications for Smart phone and many others. Our programmers and system analysts will assist you in planning and development of any solution based on Windows Mobile platform.

Windows Mobile Development at Zentech Info Solutions

  • Custom windows mobile drivers development
  • Windows mobile applications integration with other databases
  • Windows mobile application development of any complexity
  • Embedded software development for iPhone, Smartphone and Pocket PC
  • Windows mobile consulting
  • Transposition of Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Blackberry, and other applications to Windows Mobile platform
  • Games and standalone mobile software development
  • Creating wide range of client applications which include offline and online functionality
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