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Custom Software Development

Zentech Info Solutions creates custom software development solutions. Our customers have been outsourcing their software development to Zentech since 2007, among them Tata, Alkem and many other large, mid-size and start-up companies.

Custom Software Solutions for your Business
Zentech has time-proven experience and reputable expertise in the development of portals, document management solutions, e-commerce applications, business application and automation software, customise software solutions and online applications supporting business-to-business collaborations.

Software Development Services Technology Expertise
Web Applications .Net Development
Desktop Software MVC
Mobile Applications SharePoint
Enterprise Solutions Mobile Phone Development

Zentech Software Development Equates to Low Overhead
We reduce the overhead commonly associated with offshore of custom business application development by providing:

Efficiency: Our custom software development services and production processes allows a shortened time-to-market delivery at a benefit to our customers by reducing total cost.

Process visibility: By outsourcing your software and application development processes with Zentech; we maintain a transparent and controllable visibility at all phases of the project.

Effective communication: We ensure that during each stage of the project, all stakeholders share a consistent and open dialog maintaining a level of understanding of the requirements and project status.

Our Commitment: We know and understand our customer's requirements, the sophisticated software security needs, and continuing support that directly impacts the long-term success of the delivered business application. We provide consulting and development maintenance services to address all mission critical essentials.

Requirement definition: Starting from a general blueprint, we learn and accurately define your business needs and convert them into a technical requirement specification, so that you get exactly what you want in the finished product.

Software security consulting: We proactively identify and effectively fix security protection flaws in our customers' software systems.

Application Support and Maintenance: We ensure the developed software system is up and running efficiently at all times, quickly resolve any problems, and extend additional support to maintain optimal Our Commitment.

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