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Radio Business Management System

Our web based Radio Business Management System application can be seen as the backbone of organizations in Radio Business. It covers Operations that directs and coordinates all departments to ensure business functions smoothly and efficiently. It embraces cloud technology gracefully to make it available across all standard platforms

RBMS reduces the Complexity of business process for Radio Business Industry. This software saves the time & money spent on business functioning processes.

It focuses on streamlining, optimizing and automating the key processes that drive value for an organization. It makes process flow more robust, faster, secure and more efficient.

  • Excel Automation
  • Email Automation
  • GUI based Reports & Charts.
  • User Friendly Interface & Improved business Agility.
  • Increased Efficiency & Enhance Effectiveness.

Modules Cover in RBMS:

Sales CO-Ordination: Dashboard for Checking Spot availability, Authorization, Traffic–Order creation on basis of Release Order.

  • Effective Rate Monitoring with cancellation & revision of Traffic order at the time of slot crunches.
  • Traffic Order Changes : Highlighting the revision of Traffic–Order by color
  • Multiple Reports based on Client-Wise ER, EOD summary, Inventory Utilization.


Barter: Centralized system to create barter deals & interface to check inventory. Auto approval mails utility to manage Barter consumptions & auto generate Goods Received Note for the same

Ongoing Activity: Require Utility to enter ongoing & planned activities to share with different locations without any manual work.

Competitor Tracking: Utility to enter competitor activities to share with different locations.


It handles on Air Activities:

  • Winner Entry & On Air Gratification: Utility to punch winner data into system checks for duplicity, & intimation to programming departments
  • PPL Reports: System process the data and create the PPL report in predefined format.
  • Checklist Sharing: Provides a full calendar view based on Events, meetings & reminders.
  • Event Calendar: Dynamic calendar to view events with numerous colors in accordance with multiple Location & Department.


Automated system is developed where Purchase orders are created into the system & mails sent to respective approvers till the complete approvals are done & Agreements are forwarded to legal dept.

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